POhWER believe that people with experience of adult social care are best placed to inform, design and shape services both for their own benefit and for the good of others – this can be achieved through coproduction.

We are growing a network of people all with experience of adult social care with the purpose of bringing them together to help design, develop and evaluate services through coproduction with Nottinghamshire County Council.

What is coproduction?

Co-production has been described as

“When you as an individual are involved as an equal partner in designing the support and services you receive. Co-production recognises that people who use social care services (and their families) have knowledge and experience that can be used to help make services better, not only for themselves but for other people who need social care”.

At POhWER we believe everyone has a voice and we will support members of the coproduction network to get involved with the development of adult social care in any way they wish.

The Structure

POhWER are working closely with Nottinghamshire County Council to support the growth of coproduction projects across the county. POhWER are encouraging people with lived experience of adult social care to sign up to a network. POhWER will cascade information to that network about different opportunities as they arise related to the reform of adult social care.

POhWER also host monthly meetings where members are invited to receive training, develop skills, and help shape the direction of the wider network – we call this the steering group.

Why should you join the coproduction network?

When you sign up to the network, you get to hear about reforms planned, new services in the pipeline and if you want to, influence and shape changes to adult social care needed. Information about opportunities, meetings and events are circulated by email or post through the network.

You can do a little or you can do a lot – pick n mix - the choice is yours!

The monthly steering group meetings are facilitated in person and online via Teams, usually on a Thursday afternoon. Meetings are varied, sometimes lively other times quiet. An agenda is circulated beforehand to give you an idea about what to expect and to help you decide if you’d like to attend. We hear from guests, share ideas and experiences and of course have refreshments! Afterwards, minutes are available. The minutes are on this webpage, they illustrate how the meetings flow and are an excellent tool to monitor progress!

Members have different passions, needs and interests and it is entirely up to you what you choose to get involved with. Some people want to be involved in every opportunity, others prefer projects only that they feel passionately about.

Want to join us? How to get started?

It’s easy to join the network, simply complete the consent form below which gives us permission to contact you. If you need help with the form please do get in touch. If you’d like more information about meetings and future projects please use the link below or telephone ….

Upcoming meetings events

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Last meeting minutes

Nottingham Co-Production Network minutes 15 September 2022

Helpful links and resources:

Link to mail chimp to subscribe
Application/consent form
Link to Facebook page
Self help/ self advocacy tools

Nottinghamshire County Council - Co-Production

Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE)

Think Local Act Personal

Co-production opportunities:


We want the network and meetings to be fully accessible, if you have specific requirements please get in touch and we will support you as much as possible.