These are our POhWER Promises when people contact us

We will:

  • provide you with clear information about our services and your options
  • let you know if we are not the best people to help you and explain who else might be able to help
  • help you to contact other organisations if you would like us to do so
  • provide information in a way that meets your needs; for example, Easy read, large print or in another language
  • use plain language and no jargon
  • treat you politely and with respect at all times

    Colourful Icon depicting 2 people speaking on the phone to each other

When you phone we will:

  • answer your call within four rings if we can and to reply to any voice mail message within one working day
  • give you our name, listen to you and explain your options
  • ring you back within two working days if we cannot give you the support you need straightaway

When you email or write a letter to us we will:

  • Tell you we have received your letter. We will do this within two working days, either by writing back to you or by calling you on the telephone if you ask us to
  • explain your options and agree what the next step might be

When you are helping someone else get our support we will:

  • tell you about how we can work with you and the person you are helping
  • explain about consent and agree who we should contact, how and when

If you or your representative tell us you need the support of an advocate we will:

  • make contact within five working days
  • listen to what you have to say, respect your views, experience and privacy
  • give you all of the available options and information you may need to help you decide what you want to do
  • keep in touch with you at least once a month
  • tell you when we are going to close your case and why we are doing that

If we need to meet we will:

  • contact you to agree a date, time and place that suits us both
  • arrange  a signer, translator, or interpreter if you let us know you need this
  • wear a POhWER ID badge so you know who we are
  • listen to what you have to say and let you know your options