Nottingham co-production > Principles of the Nottingham Co-production Group

We adopt the co-production principles:


In Co-production everyone matters and no-one is more important than anyone else. Everyone has skills and assets that are relevant in co-production. We all have life experience and through our life experience we have developed, skills and abilities and now we can use that experience. People commissioning care, people providing care and people receiving care are all equal, have different skills and experiences and they can use those experiences and skills to work together co-productively. 


Co-production celebrates diversity. We are all different with unique characteristics. Co-production recognizes and celebrates the differences between people and treats their  values, beliefs, cultures and lifestyles with respect. Co-production is inclusive bringing different groups together. 


Sometimes people face barriers to involvement and participation. The Co-production process addresses those barriers ensuring that anyone that wants to be involved has the same opportunity to be involved in the way that suits them best. The principle of accessibility means making adjustments so that everyone wanting to be involved can be. 


Reciprocity means putting something in and getting something back, an equal partnership. The principle of reciprocity recognizes that for effective co-production everyone must be and feel valued. The members that attend the steering group meetings are not paid for their time in cash however, the members report that they feel valued because they are valued. POhWER provide refreshments free of charge. 

Occasionally, the members of the steering group have an opportunity to undertake other roles individually which may result in payment perhaps in vouchers.