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Nottinghamshire Co-Production

Nottinghamshire County Council believe people with experience of adult social care are best placed to inform, design and shape services both for their own benefit and for the good of others, POhWER share this view, this can be achieved through co-production. 

Funded by Nottinghamshire County Council, POhWER support a growing network of people all with experience of adult social care with the purpose of bringing them together to help design, develop and evaluate services through co-production with Nottinghamshire County Council. This is part of the Council’s commitment to co-production. Find out more here: 

What is co-production? 

Co-production has been described as 

“When you as an individual are involved as an equal partner in designing the support and services you receive. Co-production recognises that people who use social care services (and their families) have knowledge and experience that can be used to help make services better, not only for themselves but for other people who need social care”. - Think Local Act Personal website 

At POhWER we believe everyone has a voice and something to say, we support people to get involved by linking them with opportunities to share their experiences, develop and enhance their skills. 

We make sure people listen! It gives everyone a voice, people have to listen to us, and we are speaking up for everyone else.” - Julie, Steering Group Member.