We bring together people with a range of advocacy and professional experiences. Explore the profiles of key members of our team, our Trustees, our Vice Presidents and our Patrons. 

Our Trustees

POhWER has a Board of Trustees who make the strategic decisions on the activities, policies and priorities of the charity.

Our Patrons

POhWER has three Patrons who have a real interest in the work we do, with special interest in many areas.

In memory of Arthur Bate and Owen Parry

Our Vice Presidents

Our Vice Presidents are people who have supported POhWER for many, many years. Read about these very special supporters.

Our Senior Management Team

POhWER's Senior Management Team collectively reports to the Board of Trustees. The team works to ensure that the charity's operations best meet our needs and objectives, and that we and focus support on our front-line staff and their service users.