Nottingham co-production > Nottingham Co-production Group Code of Conduct

During our meetings, we observe a code of conduct to ensure that meetings are respectful, enjoyable and productive. Members of the steering group developed the code of conduct in September 2022.

Code of Conduct:

  1. Inclusion - everyone is welcome, meetings are inclusive not exclusive. 
  2. Confidentiality - meetings are a place where members express their views knowing they remain in control of the information they shared. 
  3. Patience - we don’t interrupt one another, but patiently wait our turn. 
  4. Communication - we make adjustments so everyone can participate
  5. Respect - we respect one another’s opinions and are non-judgmental 
  6. Flexibility - sometimes items on the agenda are discussed at a future meeting, to allow enough time for discussions.  
  7. Safeguarding - if members disclose something which amounts to a safeguarding concern, the safeguarding procedure would be followed.