Rhodri was referred to POhWER for Advocacy support when the local Adult Social Care team were reviewing his care needs. Rhodri had a stroke which affected his mobility and caused him to have some communication difficulties. He had a care package in place and his sister had been helping out where she could.

Katrina, a POhWER Care Act Advocate, met with Rhodri at his home. Rhodri asked for her help with a number of issues; 

He was most concerned about the behaviour of his sister, Cariad. Rhodri wanted to spend time with his friend Albert, but Cariad objected to this and stopped supporting him when she found out that Albert had been visiting Rhodri. Cariad had Power of Attorney over Rhodri’s finances and was withholding information for registration with the DWP and information about his bank. Rhodri was very upset by his sister’s behaviour and was struggling without the support she had provided. A safeguarding issue was raised about Cariad’s financial abuse. 

Rhodri was also concerned that he would have to move house as he was struggling to wash as he could no longer access his bath.

Katrina supported Rhodri to voice his own views, feelings and wishes in relation to his care, support and accommodation as part of his care review with his Social Worker. 

Rhodri wasn't happy with his care agency and needed more support now that his sister was no longer helping. A new care agency to support Rhodri was identified by Adult Social Care and care hours were increased. Rhodri was happy about this, the new carers are nice and he is receiving all the support he needs to live independently.

An assessment for equipment and communication aids was carried out and Rhodri was provided with assistive technology to increase his independence and make his home more accessible so he would not have to move, which included a bath lift. The Adult Social Care Team were also able to rectify issues that Rhodri was having with his Telecare, which was causing him to feel unsafe now that his sister was not visiting.  

Rhodri also asked if he could have his medication provided in an easier to use form. A request was submitted to his GP.

As Rhodri can now explain his wishes and needs, and understands the risks associated with his actions and decisions, he has been assessed as having capacity to make his own choices about his care, accommodation and relationships. 

Following the safeguarding review, Rhodri has reclaimed control of his finances and his sister is no longer involved. Rhodri sees Albert regularly and they have a very good relationship. Albert helps Rhodri to access the community and together they enjoy attending Rugby matches and taking part in a weekly pub quiz. 

Katrina supported Rhodri to uphold his rights to; freedom of expression, protection from discrimination, liberty, security, and respect for private and family life, and home.