Ellery is a 26 year old person who uses the pronouns they/them. Ellery has autism and a number of long-term health conditions. Ellery was assessed for support for trauma and depression whilst they were waiting for specialist support from an adult trauma service. 

Ellery referred themselves to POhWER for support with an NHS Complaint. Ellery met with Grant, a POhWER advocate, and told him they were repeatedly misgendered by the assessor and even sent resources regarding gender identity even though Ellery did not require support in relation to being Trans. No onward referrals were made to any mental health teams and Ellery was told they would not be allowed to see a psychiatrist for a medication or diagnostic review.

Ellery had already written and sent off a letter of complaint and received a response and now wanted Grant’s support to ask their local NHS Trust to set up a Local Resolution Meeting (LRM). They also wanted help to write an agenda for the meeting with the points that they remained unhappy with.

Ellery told Grant that their preferred communication method was email. Grant and Ellery exchanged many emails so that Grant could get a clear picture of Ellery’s complaint. Grant also put together a Client Advocacy Plan for Ellery which included the support they needed, the actions Grant would take and how and when they would communicate. 

Ellery and Grant prepared an agenda for the LRM which covered the main points of Ellery’s complaint and the key things that they wanted to raise that they felt had not been addressed in the reply letter from the NHS Trust.

Ellery sent this agenda to the NHS Trust with a letter requesting a LRM. Grant supported them to ask for a number of reasonable adjustments to be taken into account so that the meeting would be accessible for them. The NHS Trust replied to acknowledge receipt of the letter and confirmed that they would arrange a date for an LRM.

When Ellery received a letter with a date, time, and place for the LRM they asked Grant to attend with them. Grant and Ellery prepared for the meeting by role playing so that Ellery could practice what they wanted to say, and by making prompt cards so that they could use them to remember the points they wanted to make.

Ellery told Grant they were ready for the meeting and was very grateful for the support he had given them so far.