NHS Complaints Advocacy Service

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A picture of the NHS logo. Do you want to complain about the NHS?

A advocate is supporting an client to make a NHS complaint. Would you like support to make that complaint? POhWER can help.

Someone making a complaint on behalf of someone else.  We can also help you make a complaint on behalf of someone else.

a headstone R.I.P POhWER can help you complain for someone else, even if that person has died.

An advocate answering a clients questions. We can help answer any questions about the complaints process.

Cover of A Step by Step Guide to NHS Complaints booklet We can provide you with a ‘Step by step’ guide to the complaints process.

A lady is standing in front of a sign that is pointing lots of different ways. And if we cannot help, we can signpost you to an organization that can help you.

NHS Complaints Advocacy can't:

A picture of a calendar turned onto Decemember. Help you complain after 12 months since you first knew about the issue.

an investigator with a magnifying glass. Investigate a complaint

A Lawyer Give legal advice.