By regularly donating to POhWER through your salary, you will help us plan and deliver services to support people who need it. While you are working hard at work, you will also be making a lasting difference by protecting people’s rights and empowering their voice.

Donating through payroll giving is much more cost effective than a direct debit as it is donated from your gross salary (before you are taxed). For example, if you donate £5 a month, you will pay no more than £4. Find out more about payroll giving.

Benefits of payroll giving:

  • its Easy and convenient – the donation comes straight from your pay
  • Tax-effective – it costs you less to give more
  • Supports the causes you care about
  • Flexible – you have control over how much you want to donate and to which causes.

If your employer has a payroll giving scheme please contact your HR department, you will need to compete their form. Your employer will then pass the form on to a Payroll Giving Agency who will distribute your donation to us.

If your employer does not have a payroll giving scheme please complete our form.

For any enquiries or further information please email [email protected]