All royalties earnt from the sale of a new book featuring short stories from some of the world’s best crime writers will be donated to POhWER

POhWER Patron, author and successful screenwriter, Samantha Lee Howe joined POhWER as a Patron in January this year and has spent the last seven months seeing first-hand how important our work is in helping those who, due to disability, illness, mental health, social exclusion or other challenges, feel that their rights and wishes are being overlooked and under-considered.

She reached out to her industry connections to ask if they would collaborate with her on a new anthology of crime stories. Criminal Pursuits: Crimes through Time contains the brilliant work of Samantha and thirteen other leading writers: Bryony Pearce, Paul Magrs, Sandra Murphy, Maxim Jakubowski, Sally Spedding, Caroline England, Awais Khan, Raven Dane, Amy Myers, A. A. Chaudhuri, Rhys Hughes, Christine Poulson, and Paul Finch. Through co-authoring this book, all thirteen writers are joining Samantha in standing up for human rights as every one of them has waived their royalties from this new publication in order for every penny to be donated to POhWER instead.

Samantha Lee Howe, whose debut psychological thriller, The Stranger In Our Bed, will be released as a film in 2022, added:

“As a newly appointed Patron, I was determined to find ways to support POhWER’s very important work. Within these pages, you will find the incredibly generous donation of a story from each of these amazingly talented writers. I’m grateful to be in a position where I can help in this way and am counting down the hours until publication day!”

Helen Moulinos, Chief Executive of POhWER, who wrote the anthology’s foreword, said:

“I often feel like a disappointed idealist in my line of work. Just like crime will always exist, so will discrimination and unequal treatment – and both are abuses of power. No matter who you are and where you live, your rights matter. Empowering yourself with information, advice and advocacy can help you to know your human rights. I express my deepest gratitude to Samantha, the writers and the publisher for their inspirational contribution to POhWER’s future.”

The anthology, published by Telos Publishing, is available online and in all good book retailers now. 

Buy now from Telos Publishing or Amazon UK.