Below is a list of some local organisations that support POhWER Leicestershire.

Type of Organisation Name of Organisation Town/Area/Location Web site
CAB Citizens Advice Leicestershire Leicestershire 
CCG East Leicestershire & Rutland CCG East Leicestershire & Rutland 
Patient Transport East Midlands Ambulance Service Leicestershire & the East Midlands 
Healthwatch Healthwatch Leicestershire Leicestershire 
CCG Leicester City CCG Leicester City and surrounding area 
Professional organisation Leicestershire and Rutland Local Pharmacy Committee Leicestershire & Rutland
Local Authority Leicestershire County Council Leicestershire 
Local Authority Leicestershire Forums Leicestershire 
Hospital Trust Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust East Midlands 
Patient Transport NSL Patient Transport East Midlands 
Hospital Trust University Hospitals of Leicester East Midlands 
Support Organisation VASL Support for Carers Leicestershire & Rutland 
CCG West Leicestershire CCG West Leicestershire