A picture of POhWER

I joined POhWER in 2007 as a Community Advocate, after spending years working in the care sector with men living with mental health issues, learning disabilities and dual diagnoses. Since then, I have taken on roles such as Independent Mental Health Advocate (IMHA), Project Manager at HertsHelp and Head of New Business. Now, I proudly hold the position of Director of Fundraising and Engagement.

Over the course of this time, I have had the privilege of watching POhWER grow – providing crucial services for more beneficiaries than ever before, tackling human rights issues that should be at the forefront of all conversations, and stepping up during times of crisis, like the coronavirus pandemic.

As part of my role as Director of Fundraising and Engagement, I lead a team of seven professionals in service design and development and overseeing all activity involving public relations, social media, external communications, engagement, media and income generation.

I love what I do – boosting awareness of the advice, information and advocacy services POhWER provides and ensuring that we are always here for anyone who needs our help.

If I’m not in the office, you can usually find me at home relaxing with family, getting prepared to strike up the bbq and fire pit.