Please note: This service is not available in all areas as each area is commissioned to provide different services. Please check if this service is provided in your area before making a referral by contacting our Help Hub.

What is Citizen Advocacy?

Our Citizen Advocates are trained volunteers. They provide one-to-one support to help people tackle the issues they are facing. Citizen Advocates may provide support in person, by telephone or by email and help people to access information, speak up and get their voice heard.

What is Peer Advocacy?

Our Peer Advocates are volunteers with lived experience of using health and social care services. We match them with someone who has similar needs and issues and who needs support to develop new skills and gain confidence. Our Peer Advocates share their experience and provide practical support and encouragement.

What is Group Advocacy?

POhWER brings people with similar needs and issues together to support each other through Group Advocacy. These groups give people the opportunity to work together, share their experiences and raise joint concerns. Sometimes we have a facilitator who supports the groups and sometimes these groups are self-supporting.

To find out whether we provide citizen, peer or group advocacy in your area please call our Help Hub on 0300 456 2370 or send an email to [email protected]