Meet the team

We bring together people with a range of advocacy and professional experiences. Explore the profiles of key members of our team, our Trustees, our Vice Presidents and our Patrons. Read more

Reports and accounts

Download our annual reports which include our Board of Trustees’ reports and financial statements. The annual reports also include a review of our work over the year and the impact our services provided. Read more

Our Impact

POhWER's impact goes beyond supporting our clients to resolve their issues. Our services to local authorities ensure that the most vulnerable people's views are at the heart of decisions made about them. Advocates ensure that their clients’ wishes and feelings are central to decisions and plans for their future. Read more

Who we work with

To provide the best possible services we work with our service users to make sure we are meeting their needs. We also build strong relationships with our supporters, commissioners, professionals and partner organisations. Read more

What we do

POhWER is a charity and membership organisation. We provide information, advice, support and advocacy to people who experience disability, vulnerability, distress and social exclusion. Read more