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If you have any questions or would like some help, please get in contact with us. We will be able  to help you or show you where to go to get help.

Icon of a green telephone  Call us on 0300 456 2370

Image of a laptop showing an email icon  Email: [email protected]

Image of a mobile phone  Text the word pohwer with your name and number to 81025

images of a hand holding a black pen writing an address on an envelope with a postage stamp on it.  Write to POhWER, PO Box 17943, Birmingham, B9 9PB

Image of a laptop showing a man using Skype to video call with two other men Skype: pohwer.advocacy (Open 8am - 6pm Monday to Friday)

image of a Minicom textphone  Minicom: 0300 456 2364

image of a fax machine  Fax: 0300 456 2365