Community Advocacy Service

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A photo of an advocate supporting a client.  Do you need support? POhWER can help if: 

A man who is struggling to express his wishes.  You are finding it difficult to explain your wishes and feelings. You feel you are not being listened to. 

A lady is pointing at four different options.  You want to make choices about your life 

A picture of a group of people intimidating a person. The caption No bullying is printed in the background.  You feel vulnerable or that you could be at risk of abuse. 

You can use this service if you:

A group of people with a variety of different physical, sensory and learning disabilities.  Have a learning, physical or sensory disability. Or a long-term condition or mental health need. 

A photo  of an elderly lady siting in a chair.  Or they are an older person aged 65 years or over. 

A social worker talking to a client.  You must also be a user of any adult social care service. 

How can your advocate support you?

An advocate who is talking to their client who is sitting in a wheelchair.  Communicate with you in a way that meets your needs. 

A group of people are sitting round a table having a meeting.  They can help to say what you want at meetings. 

A picture of the Human rights act.  Help you to have your rights and choices and help you to have your voice heard. 

A lady is standing in front of a sign that is pointing lots of different ways.  Support you to access information and signpost you to other services where required.