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Age UK LogoPOhWER has been working in Nottinghamshire since 2010. We work in partnership with Age UK Nottingham & Nottinghamshire. Last year we supported 716 people in the County.

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‘Mental Health advocates are a brilliant idea.’

Cover of Mental Health ActTestimony to how an independent mental health advocate can help comes from a patient we shall call Sam.

Sam said: 'I was admitted to hospital under the Mental Health Act as an emergency. I had been really ill for a week but wouldn't admit it.

'I smashed my flat up, and that's why I was sectioned. I had been ill on and off for the last seven years but I thought I had got it sorted and was doing well in the flat. I was even thinking about work. Then it all went wrong.

'In hospital another patient told me about these independent mental health advocates and I got one. My advocate helped me work out what had happened and helped me think a bit differently about the future.

'Before we began working together I was so disappointed with myself and thought no-one would trust me again. But my advocate said I could talk to my care team about how I didn't want to end up like this.

'We looked at all the options and I wrote down what I wanted to happen if ever I look like losing it again.

'My care team, and my family was pleased with this, and I got back on track.

'I think the Independent Mental Health Advocates are a brilliant idea.’

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