Yusif emailed HertsHelp to ask for help. An advisor, Michelle called him back to discuss his issues. Yusif explained that he had tested positive for Covid-19 three days ago and had been advised to isolate for seven days initially. Yusif said that he has bi-polar disorder and has had a manic episode. Michelle determined from the discussion that the Police had visited Yusif but that he had not been arrested. Yusif’s first language was Arabic so Michelle spoke clearly and slowly and helped Yusif to understand the support which was available to him. She checked Yusif’s understanding at various points during the conversation. Michelle understood that Yusif may have triggers around his mental health and that he had heightened anxiety because of the current situation.

Michelle identified that Yusif had acute money worries; he had been unable to pay his rent and had built up debts. He was worried his phone may be cut off and was considering cancelling all his direct debits as he didn’t have money in his account to cover his bills. Yusif was also talking about needing to go outside, despite having been told he must self-isolate.

Michelle provided some options to Yusif and agreed to make a referral to CAB for budgeting and financial advice, and so he could receive help to contact his landlord to discuss his rent arrears.

Michelle established that Yusif did not have a mental health worker supporting him. With Yusif’s agreement she referred him to the Mental Health Intervention Support service and an advisor agreed to contact Yusif the next day.

Michelle also provided information about the HertsHelp Advocacy service. Yusif said that he felt he would benefit from this support so Michelle made a referral and an advocate was allocated.

To make sure Yusif was able to remain at home and avoid the risk of passing the virus to others Michelle arranged for a food parcel to be delivered to him.

Michelle followed up the call with an email to Yusif explaining what they had agreed and how he could get further support.