The news reminds us almost daily of the rising numbers affected by mental health issues, dementia and disability*. Supporting them to get the respect and care they need is a major challenge our whole society faces.

POhWER’s specialist advocates already help over 42,000 people each year, but rising needs require new approaches such as our Citizens advocacy programme, where service users are matched with a volunteer advocate.

Here is a link to a video of some of our clients sharing their stories and how advocacy has helped them.


How POhWER makes a difference: ‘getting my son back home’

  • Mark, a father has a severely autistic son who did not want or need to be in 24/7 care. But he was stuck there for almost a year. In just 6 weeks the POhWER advocate helped Mark go to Court under ‘Deprivation of liberty safeguards’ legislation and got his son back at home permanently with him. Watch Mark’s video interview to hear more:

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*How the numbers in need are growing:

  • Dementia will affect 33% more people in 10 years[1]
  • By 2030, mental health problems will affect c. 2million more UK adults than in 2013[2]
  • Disabled people (8% of the population) bear 29% of all cuts. People with severest disabilities (2% of the whole population) bear 15% of all cuts[3]

Click here to read more about how POhWER helps people living with mental ill-health, dementia and disability.

Reg. charity number 1061543


[2] “Mental Health Foundation (September 2013),Starting today – The future of mental health services”

[3] “A fair society? How the cuts target disabled people by Dr Simon Duffy. The Centre for Welfare Reform 2013”