The news reminds us almost daily of the rising numbers affected by mental health issues, dementia and disability. Supporting them to get the respect and care they need is a major challenge our whole society faces.

POhWER’s specialist advocates already help over 50,000 people each year, but rising needs require more support. Not all the services that our clients require are currently funded by the government. That is why we need your help to reach even more people with our services.

POhWER gave Stephen a future after being sexually assaulted

Stephen experienced suicidal thoughts along with psychotic episodes which led to him drinking heavily. During this time, Stephen fell victim to being mugged and raped.

Thanks to POhWER, Stephen is now receiving counselling from an LGBT Association and has hopes of going to college later in the year.

POhWER advocates supported 27,000 clients with mental health issues in 2018/19

£35 could pay for an hour’s support before a crisis hits


Thank you so much

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