David came to POhWER after he couldn’t quite understand what had happened to his mother in the hospital on her last day of life. He had some information from his MP, but not enough to put his mind to rest.

David wanted to make a complaint about his mother’s care whilst in hospital. Despite having obtained some information via his MP, he still could not understand what had happened to his mother during the last day of her life. David was put in touch with POhWER and with the help of an advocate; David requested a meeting with the Trust so he and the rest of his family could understand what happened to his mother.

Supported by his POhWER advocate, David attended a meeting with the trust where he expressed his concerns about his mother’s admission to hospital, lack of communication and the length of time she was left lying on a hospital trolley in the corridor. The consultant apologised to David for the lack of communication about what was happening to his mother and why treatment plans were changed and for the distress caused. David was able to explain to his father why his mother had died and together they decided not to take the complaint further. As a result of the meeting the Trust made improvements to its practices:

  • No patient is now left in a corridor on arrival to hospital,
  • Calls to bereaved families are now made to give relatives the chance to talk through questions or concerns.