In May 2014 having been made redundant for the second time and dealing with my late Father’s estate I had been out of work a year and was looking for part time accounts work. As there weren’t many vacancies locally I started to apply for administration jobs but wasn’t getting any interviews as most of my experience was in accounts. I thought if I did some voluntary admin work so I could put that on my CV.

I went on and found POhWER had an advert for a volunteer admin role for one day a week in the old town office so I applied and after being accepted told my manager it was just until I got paid work.

My first week was lots of reading policies and statements and sitting with advocates learning about their roles. My second week I was thrown in at the deep end as it was National Volunteer Week and I had to go over to Watford College and man a stall we had set up, talking to lots of students spreading the word about POhWER and trying to drum up interest  in volunteering with us. My third week I secured a job with HCC but at my interview as the managers were aware of POhWER and it was only a 20 hour week post they said I could work the hours over a four day week leaving me to carry on with my volunteering, which I have been for  two years now.

Everyone here was so welcoming and friendly and although I am not directly involved with advocacy itself it is great to be supporting the team and feel I am contributing to helping people who are in need of our services.

The work is varied and interesting so if you have any spare time to help with a worthwhile cause please contact us.