Mr J is a client of POhWER’s who resides in Medway.  He has experienced Mental Health Issues for many years, and in this time has found that his levels of anxiety have increased to the point whereby he finds it hard to leave his home.  He also finds it difficult to open his post or answer his phone due to the anxious way he feels.

Mr J had previously been supported by Mental Health Services in Medway, however his difficulties in communicating with the outside world had meant that this support had lapsed and there was no way for services to contact him, or for him to contact them. Mr J was becoming increasingly isolated and his mental state was declining as he could not access the support he needed.

We met Mr J at a service user forum and upon hearing his issues we were able to work with him to communicate with the services that he needed to get help. We were able to meet with Mr J at prearranged times that suited him which meant he did not need to receive calls or post.  We were also able to help ease his anxiety by giving him regular appointments and helping him to speak to the appropriate services.

Mr J did not feel confident about speaking to the Mental Health team, but with the support of his advocate he was able to explain his needs and get the support he required. Mr J is now working once more with services in Medway to help him address his mental health needs.