83 year old Tom contacted HertsHelp in a state of high anxiety and distress. He explained that his wife Beth was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s 6 years ago, but that her behaviour had got progressively worse over the last few months. She had become very aggressive towards him, throwing furniture, hitting him and screaming a lot.

Tom was tearful saying he didn’t know what to do and that he doesn’t want to see Beth go into a care home. Beth could be heard screaming in the background.

The HertsHelp adviser spoke to Tom and listened to his situation. She advised him that she would be contacting Adult Care Services to make a safeguarding referral. Following the call she also contacted the 101 Police service to arrange a wellbeing visit. She explained that Tom and Beth may need medical assistance, but was unsure of any injuries.

The following day the HertsHelp adviser called Tom to see how things were. He said things were much better and thanked her for the support yesterday. Tom explained that although he had carers during the day, the early morning period was the worst time and he didn’t sleep well. He believes someone visited to do an assessment but nothing concrete was agreed regarding respite support.

The adviser agreed to follow up with Adult Care Services and also suggested Admiral Nurse support, gaining consent to make a referral to Carers in Herts who manage this via the HertsWise service.

A follow up call 2 weeks later revealed that Tom is now registered with Carers in Herts and has received support and information about a respite period and a carer holiday. He has been advised he will need to wait a short while for an Admiral Nurse to be in contact, but feels more hopeful about his situation and the support he is receiving.