Terrance has autism, cerebral palsy, dyspraxia and mobilises with a walking stick. Terrance lives alone, has a poor diet and his brother was worried he was socially isolated as he was quite reclusive, relying upon his family for social stimulation and his social life.

Terrance and his brother contacted the Watford and Three Rivers Adult Disability Team regarding support and information about healthy lifestyle and activities, who then passed the referral onto HertsHelp.
Following the referral, A Community Navigator met with Terrance and his brother to talk about the things that were important to him and what he would like support with. Terrance was particularly interested in finding out about local book groups he could join in with as he loves reading. He also was interested in finding out how to eat more healthily.

The Community Navigator found two local book groups. The first book group was for people who prefer short reads and although Terrance tended to read longer novels, he was interested in going along and the Community Navigator agreed to attend the group with him. They met near his home and walked to the venue together as Terrance needed to know the route if he was to go on his own. Although Terrance was shy at first, he engaged in the conversations with the group. The Community Navigator and Terrance also attended the next meeting together. This time Terrance was much more confident and enjoyed the group so much he decided he would go again but on his own next time.

The second longer book group met at a café near Terrance’s home and the Community Navigator made the initial introduction to the group leader (from ASCEND) who met with Terrance to assess his needs so that he could be supported to access the group successfully, plus it was a larger group of people and she wanted to make sure he would feel comfortable. Terrance said he felt confident going on his own and the feedback from the group leader was that he enjoyed himself very much and made a confident contribution to the discussions about the book they had all read.

The Community Navigator also provided Terrance with some literature in respect of healthy eating and provided him with information for a local Men’s Healthy Living course with ASCEND.

Terrance now enjoys attending both reading groups and looks forward to going to the groups each month. His confidence has increased when meeting new people and his general well-being has improved. He walks to both groups which has increased his physical activity.

His brother is happy that he has increased his social circle and has two local activities each month to go to that give him a lot of pleasure.