Tara is on very low income and contacted HertsHelp around a crisis situation. Tara's one and a half year old daughter’s cot had broken & she was worried about her quarterly bill payments which had just come in. Payment of these will potentially leave her in crisis & in a circle of debt.

Tara's daughter has an undiagnosed lung condition requiring frequent hospital treatment, especially during cold spells. The child was now sleeping with mum which has health implications for both.

Tara had already accessed crisis support and so in this instance, we could not directly provide that support.

The HertsHelp adviser made a Child in Need (CiN) referral to support Tara's daughter with her own bed, especially as she is sleeping in mum’s bed & given health condition.

The HertsHelp adviser also made a Hospital and Community Navigation Service referral (HCNS) to support Tara with application to the Smallwood Trust for ongoing payments for essential payments such as utilities and also support with budgeting.