Penny was referred initially by a healthcare professional as she had been admitted to hospital and was due to be discharged with a health funded package of care which was being assessed. As she recovered, Penny regained capacity to make decisions as regards her care but it was felt that she could benefit from independent advocacy support to ensure that her views and wishes were known and that her rights and entitlements were upheld.

Penny has a health condition which means that her condition fluctuates and the advocate was able to ascertain the times when Penny was feeling well enough to take in information. Also the advocate was able to ensure that information was provided in easy read format to allow Penny to look at this in her own time.

The advocate was able to ascertain what options could be available to Penny and to discuss with her the possible pros and cons of these.  Family members also supported in these discussions and expressed how they could possibly support in each option.

Penny wanted to be as independent as possible and expressed a wish to live in a supported living environment rather than a care home although she did have some time in an intermediate unit which allowed time for property searches and assessments to be done and also enabled her to experience this setting.

A property was sourced for Penny.  Penny expressed that she felt that she would be happy to move into this property and assessments took place to ensure that her care needs could be safely met there. The advocate supported Penny at these meetings and assessments and ensured that her voice was heard during these.