Birmingham Voices for Change: Autism Self Advocacy Programme

Are you or someone you know living with autism?

Do you have trouble advocating for your own needs?

POhWER is here to empower you!

Our six-week autism self-advocacy program is designed to empower individuals on the autism spectrum to take control of their own lives and speak up for themselves.

Our program includes:

  • Weekly workshops on understanding your rights, assertive communication, and self-advocacy strategies.
  • Group discussions and activities that provide a safe space for sharing experiences and learning from one another.
  • One-on-one coaching sessions that provide individualised support and guidance.
  • Access to additional resources and support services.

Our program is free, confidential and independent. It is open to Birmingham residents who are and on the autism spectrum.

The program is run by trained staff with experience working with autism, and will take place in Birmingham.

Register for or refer someone to the Autism Self Advocacy Programme

All Age Advocacy Support Service LogoIf you are interested in joining the Autism Self Advocacy Programme please visit the All Age Autism Support Service website, once there please click in the Referral Process button and complete the referral form. You can also refer someone else to the Autism Self Advocacy Programme by following the same process.

Once you have completed and submitted your referral, POhWER will be in touch to let you know when the next group will be held.

If you need support or you have any queries please email us at: [email protected]

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