“Sarah” felt a huge sense of strain and panic due to the COVID-19 lockdown. Sarah is unable to leave the house as she is a carer for her daughter who is in the “at risk” category due to her recent organ transplant. Sarah is unable to access essential services in the community which led her to contact agencies for support. Sarah suffers with hearing loss, which meant that her phone calls had little success and caused a great deal of stress.

That is when Sarah reached out to HertsHelp through email. Our advisor spent the time trying to understand her needs around the crisis, explained complex information in easy to read terms and offered a range of support available in her area.

It was clear from the outset the main barrier was Sarah’s severe hearing loss and by expecting her to make or receive a telephone call would only cause more stress. A clear and calming email was sent explaining we could use that as the form of communication to get the right referral in place.

Sarah now receives food parcels to her doorstep, meaning she does not need to put her and her daughter’s health at risk.

“Thank you so much for your help and talking to me by email, it helps a lot because most help and support right now is telephone based which is so stressful.”