Rufus approached POhWER for some support when he was worried about his debts. Rufus is employed full time as a manager with a large e-commerce company; however, he was on sick leave due to anxiety and depression and was being treated in hospital. He lives with his partner who is a student but will be looking to work again once his course was complete. Rufus had been struggling to pay the couple's bills whilst his partner is not earning, especially with the rise in the cost of living.

Melanie, a POhWER Advocate met with Rufus on the ward and they spoke about his worries. Rufus told her he has two loan accounts and two credit card accounts. He is struggling to meet the minimum contractual monthly payments. His total outstanding debt is around £15,000. Rufus and his partner did not have rent, council tax or utility bill arrears but Rufus was concerned that he would fall into rent arrears if he did not get his other debts under control.

Melanie explained the various debt solutions and they explored which might be best for Rufus and his partner. Rufus decided to look into affordable payment plans for all his debts whilst his partner is not earning. Melanie explained that before agreeing payment plans his creditors would want to see a full and evidenced financial statement. She suggested that he contact his local Citizen's Advice Bureau (CAB) to help him put together the financial statement and set up the payment plans. Rufus agreed that this was a good idea and Melanie provided him with the contact details of his local CAB. Melanie explained what information the CAB would need from him and his partner and the process that they would go through.

Rufus asked Melanie to send him a reminder of everything she had told him including the contact details of the CAB so that he could refer back to it if needed and share it with his partner. Melanie did this and Rufus said he was very happy with the support and information he had received.

This is an example of community advocacy support. Community advocacy is not funded in every area.