Roger is 75 years old and lives in a three-bedroom social housing property. He had been admitted to hospital following a fall on the steps outside his property which caused an injury to his ribs. Roger was referred to HertsHelp by the nurse as a hospital discharge case. The nurse had become aware that Roger’s property was in a bad state.

Natalie, a HertsHelp Community Navigator, visited Roger in hospital and then arranged to visit his property. On visiting the property, Natalie discovered that there was no heating or running water and that the property was generally rundown. Roger told her that he had been drinking water from a stopcock behind the toilet that had not flushed for 18 months. He also told her that he was sleeping on a collapsed sofa.

Natalie immediately raised an Adult Safeguarding Concern She arranged a meeting for all relevant parties at the property and a plan was put in place.

The council came and made repairs to the property including fixing the heating and water system.

Roger was discharged from hospital and returned home. He now has running water to drink and is able to bathe, wash his clothes, flush his toilet and cook safely. He is also able to keep warm and heat his home.

Adult care services (ACS) remain involved but Roger remains independent and is now better able to care for himself safely. The next step for Roger is to consider a move to a smaller property which will be easier for him to manage.

Roger gave us the following feedback: “I cannot thank your service enough. I didn’t want to admit how bad things were. You have helped me so much; I will never forget that.”

And the Social worker involved in his case said “Community Navigators save the day again!”