Richie is in his forties and is detained in hospital under the Mental Health Act.

Logan, a POhWER Independent Mental Health Advocate (IMHA) contacted Richie over the phone to introduce himself and his role. Richie explained that because he has ADHD he would prefer to meet Logan face to face. Logan arranged a meeting so that he could visit Richie on the ward. Richie and Logan met in a private room and Richie told Logan he was worried because he had been having some delusions and he wanted support to make them stop.

After discussing his options with Logan, Richie decided he wanted to speak with his doctors. Logan offered to support him at these meetings but Richie said he would like to do it alone, and so the advocate respected his independence but agreed to support Richie to prepare for the meeting and write down what he would like to discuss. As per Richie’s instruction, Logan contacted the doctors directly to arrange a meeting for Richie.

When Logan next met with Riche, Richie said he felt listened to by the staff and was now seeing a therapist on the ward, which he said seemed to be helping.