Kamaljeet is 39 and from Pakistan and speaks little English. She had breast cancer and needed an operation. Kamaljeet made her decision about which operation to have and was told this would be conveyed to the surgeon prior to her operation.

She did not see her surgeon on the day of the operation and was asked for consent whilst in theatre, against Trust Policy, just before being anaesthetised.

Following the operation Kamaljeet realised that her preferred procedure had not been carried out, which caused her great distress. Kamaljeet was able to contact us and by using language line and translated materials we were able to provide information about the NHS complaints procedure.

We were able to provide Kamaljeet with the support of a complaints advocate who also spoke her language. We supported Kamaljeet to attend a local resolution meeting with the consultant surgeon who was dismissive and could not clarify the events or answer her questions. At Kamaljeet’s request we helped her take her complaint to the Trust’s Chief Executive who promised to look into her complaint. As a result of Kamaljeet’s complaint a number of actions have been taken by the Trust.