Davina contacted POhWER because she wanted to make a complaint about the care she had received at her local hospital after surgery.

We supported Davina to write a complaint letter and send it to the NHS Trust’s Chief Executive.

When Davina received the Chief Executive’s reply she was not happy. She felt that the Trust was saying that none of the incidents she had described had happened and that they did not believe her.

We explained to Davina that she had two options: she could write to the Trust again or she could ask for a meeting with hospital staff. Davina requested a meeting so she could explain her experiences in person.

Davina was offered a meeting at the hospital with the Ward Manager and the General Manager for the department. Davina asked her advocate to attend the meeting with her.

Before the meeting the advocate explained what the meeting would be like and helped Davina to make notes of what she wanted to say.

At the meeting all Davina’s concerns were discussed and she was told that the hospital did not dispute what she had said.

Davina received an apology and was told that it is important for hospital managers to know if something has gone wrong. Davina commented that patients do not complain because they are concerned it will affect future treatment. She was informed how patients can now make anonymous comments.

Following the meeting Davina was pleased she had attended and brought the issues to the Trust’s attention. She said she felt that the Trust had understood and addressed all her concerns. She thanked her advocate for her support.

"I am extremely satisfied with the support I was given by POhWER. I was informed about all information which was necessary to me in time by phone, email, letters or in person".