Charles had memory issues and some confusion leading to him being moved into a care home to be assessed for remaining there on a permanent basis.

The advocate visited the Charles who admitted he was sometimes a bit confused but was very clear that he wished to return home. He did confide though that he felt unable to voice this in the presence of the home manager who was asserting that he should stay with them as this was ‘the best place for him’.

The advocate conveyed the client’s views to the social worker and asked her to conduct a new capacity assessment on residence, and arranged for an IMCA colleague to support with this.  The new assessment found that the client did have capacity to decide where he wanted to live, which was back at his own home, with a suitable package of support. He returned there within days.

Advocacy involvement in this case meant gaining Charles’ confidence so that he felt able to say what he really wanted to happen and giving that information to the professionals involved so that the right decision could be reached rather than the wrong one remain in place.

The combination of POhWER’s community advocacy and IMCA services combined to great effect in this case to get the Charles’ wishes acted on and he was relieved and grateful for our involvement in getting him back home.

You can also watch Charles talk about his experience and how POhWER has helped him here: