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POhWER is an advocacy, information and advice charity.

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Advocacy means enabling your voice to be heard, to help you say what you want and find the information you need.

A black and white photo of the launch of POhWER in 1996

POhWER was set up in 1996 by service users in Hertfordshire who wanted to make their own decisions about their lives.


That’s why POhWER stands for ‘People of Hertfordshire Want Equal Rights’.

Today we are launching POhWER’s first annual public digital survey canvassing the knowledge, beliefs and attitudes of the British

POhWER's strategic themes. A level playing field, advocacy accessible to all, people centred advocacy not limited by commissioning boundaries, addressing the root cause of disadvantage, support human beings not labels, influence the attitudes, choicesgeneral public on Human Rights.

We would like to understand your opinions, beliefs and level of knowledge about British Human Rights in your every day life.

As part of our 5-year strategic themes, we are motivated to drive systemic change and to influence direction of Human Rights protections in the United Kingdom.

The survey is fully anonymous and we encourage everyone to complete it. It takes approximately 5-15 minutes to complete.

As we are surveying opinions and attitudes inside the United Kingdom and the laws of Great Britain – we welcome everyone who currently lives here to take the survey regardless of your identity, race, ethnicity or immigration status. By British, we are referring to residential status as those living internationally may not be familiar with UK laws and practices.

Your anonymous feedback will be used to influence future campaigning, influencing and service development work.

Please visit:
to take part in the survey and share your views with us.

Although the survey commences today, we will be collecting information all throughout 2021 so please do share on social media and with your own networks. 

Thank you for taking the time to provide us with your valuable views.