What message is the Government sending about commitment to Human Rights?

This week’s headlines have been confusing and worrying. The signal which the government seems to be sending to the public on the subject of commitment to ECHR and human rights in British life is a cause for concern - especially for an advocacy charity like ourselves. Read more

POhWER responds to the Joint Committee on Human Rights inquiry “The Government’s response to COVID-19: human rights implications"

POhWER has submitted recommendations to the Joint Committee of Human Rights informed by our beneficiaries lived experiences of the circumstances and problems impacting their human rights and quality of life. Read more

Government guidance on COVID 19 testing circumvents human rights for people who lack mental capacity

POhWER’s Chief Executive talks about the impact of Covid-19 testing on people lacking mental capacity and the implications of the guidance. Read more

Fragmented government data analysis and siloed guidance not protecting vulnerable people and communities

POhWER’s Chief Executive reviews Covid-19 developments, new data published and guidance offered in relation to vulnerable communities Read more