Find out all about our senior management team at POhWER

Mark Lister - Chief Executive 

I joined POhWER in 2016. I’m passionate about people having their rights and being able to empower themselves especially those who are pushed to the margins of our society and whose voices are ignored. That’s why I am really proud to be POhWER’s CE. I am fortunate to bring a measure of leadership experience that is really suited to my role at POhWER I think. 

As CE of Progressio, an international development and rights charity, for the 4 years prior to joining POhWER, l gained valuable insights into how an organisation can support people to challenge unfair power structures in very tough settings like women in Yemen fighting for their rights, or disabled people and prisoners trying to overcome stigma and abuse in Zimbabwe. 

In my 9 years before that as CE of a day hospice and hospice at home (Iain Rennie Grove House), I saw how people faced with cancer often need help to have a say in their care and to navigate the patchwork of services. Through this time I learnt much about delivering top quality care and meeting care standards. I developed strategy and we successfully trebled income in 5 years and doubled our care services. 

At the hospice and as Fundraising & Marketing Director at Abbeyfield I advanced my experience and knowledge in local and national fundraising. I have post graduate diplomas in Direct Marketing and Marketing as well as benefiting from extensive Leadership training over my years in senior roles.

Elyzabeth Hawkes - Director of Operations

A photo of our regional manager, Elyzabeth Hawkes.I have worked for POhWER since 2007. My role is as Director of Operations for POhWER.

The Purpose of my role is to lead and ensure the delivery of high quality information, advice and advocacy support services services to the individuals and communities that we work to support.

My previous experience has been gained within the NHS initially as a nurse and then as a senior manager. My previous role before this was as a Regional Manager for POhWER.

I am proud to work for POhWER supporting the most vulnerable people within our communities

Roan DysonRoan Dyson - Executive Director of Support Services

I have worked for since 2003. I began my career with POhWER as an NHS complaints advocate and have since enjoyed a variety of roles managing operational services, including regional advocacy contracts.

I specialised in Business Development for four years, having direct responsibility for income generation, contract management including contract implementation, commissioner engagement and contract review and reporting.

This experience has allowed me to develop new models of delivery for a range of Information, advice and advocacy services, working with commissioners and other voluntary sector providers across the country to develop and deliver services modelled to meet local needs.

Before POhWER, I worked in forensic medicine, assessment and treatment services for people with Mental Health, Learning Disabilities and dual diagnosis.

I am also a member of the Chartered Institute of Leadership and Management.

Alette Beavis - Regional Manager

Alette Beavis

I have worked for POhWER for five years as the Regional Manager for Secure and Complex Services, East Midlands and the South Coast. Our Secure Services spans across the country including units in Scotland. I have seen services in all areas grow during my time at POhWER. My priority has always been to ensure quality delivery of advocacy to our clients whilst ensuring that individuals and teams feel very much part of POhWER and our values.

I am always mindful and proud of how POhWER started and my belief is to remain true to this in all we do, this should be our motivation and our focus in the face of all challenges. I believe we do this well but should never be complacent. I am privileged and proud to work alongside the people I do. I am inspired by those we support and groups/partnerships we work with who can face such adversity but are determined to have their voice heard. We work hard to do our part but its together we can make change.

David Beer - Regional Manager

David BeerAs the current Regional Manager for London and West Midlands I’m required as part of my role to support partnerships with Local Authorities and Councils who have authorised Statutory and Non Statutory support care for Residents and their carers.

My work history has included Her Majesty’s Royal Navy and Her Majesty’s Prison service where I specialised in Physical Education, Training/Education, Resettlement and Community reintegration post release of offenders.

Having 25 years of operational experience I bring ‘Open and Transparent processes’ to the charity. With this comes confident decisions and thorough reviews so achieving cost effective practices and increased output so affecting Local Authorities positively, gaining greater outcomes for clients and increasing variety for my staff and peers.

POhWER is without doubt changing, creatively moving forward and meeting the climate of the nation. It’s a pleasure to be part of this change and influencing how care for those identified keeps going forward and making lives better for all, including families and communities.    

Riaz Khan - Regional Manager

A picture of Riaz Khan.

I arrived at POhWER in 2006 after spending a number of years in the public sector working in the regulation, inspection and compliance of Early Years facilities.

I have held various posts at POhWER, all linked to our operations teams and focussed on ensuring people who access our services receive good quality information, advice or advocacy.

My current role as Regional Manager for POhWER in which I lead on our services in Hertfordshire and our Information Advice and Advocacy Support Centre (IAASC). I also have responsibility for ensuring we are able to provide good quality reports about our work and oversee IT development.

POhWER is a great place to work and I am always thankful for the opportunity to lead staff teams and volunteers who work so hard every day to make sure those who often are the most vulnerable in our society, have a voice.

Shona Twohig - HR Manager

Shona TwohigHi my name is Shona Twohig and I am the HR Manager for POhWER.

I joined the organisation in July 2015, after gaining a Level 5 CIPD HR qualification and it has been never a dull moment ever since.

My background is Retail and I had not had any experience of the charity sector before taking up the post here. I do believe the diversity with HR in retail, whilst different from the charity sector, has provided me a lot of experience which I will utilise in my new role.     

I love the ethos and all that POhWER stands for in terms of providing our clients with advice and support that allows them to be heard and live the lives they want.

I wish to fully support POhWER to achieve it’s business objectives and to continue to provide first class advocacy services in the future.

Sandra Black - Head of Training, Risk and Quality

Sandra Black

I have worked at POhWER since 2012, the last year as the Head of Training, Risk and Quality. Managing these three elements properly means the organisation has a strong foundation to build on: excellent training provision and dedication to quality mean that risks are lessened for our service users, stakeholders, staff, volunteers and the organisation as a whole.

Although my background is in business, I have worked as an advocate for POhWER and so know the front line as well as the support services. If someone had asked me to design my ideal job, this would be close to it. It takes elements I have had experience in (and great passion) for too many years to remember without feeling very old and melds them together to enable me and my team to support the rest of the organisation to deliver high quality services.

As a team, our touchstone is the set of POhWER Values – these are re-enforced through our internal training and we try to live them in everything we do: being professional; empowering others to be the best they can, through our training and through the processes we put in place, the quality we monitor; making what we do accessible to all, involving local groups of service users or client groups in developing, designing, and delivering training. All of this is designed to make a positive difference both in those we connect with directly (our staff, volunteers, partners) and those who are supported by those we connect with directly (our service users).

Fiona McArthur-Worbey - Head of New Business
Fiona McArthur-Worbey

I am strongly committed to building a fairer society and have worked in the third sector for over 10 years in POhWER. Prior to that I developed two start-up businesses in Glasgow and worked in the care sector with Men with Mental Health, Learning Disabilities and Dual Diagnosis.

At POhWER I have worked directly with clients as a professional advocate. My passion for improving services for clients and my business experience meant that my next step was to lead the development of a flagship information, advice and support scheme,. I then moved on to Implementing POhWER’s new contracts.

Now as Head of New business I lead a team responsible for procurement, service modelling, partnerships, website, marketing and our internal communications. I am proud to work for POhWER and honoured to have the opportunity to work with so many amazing people on this journey to value People in everything we do.