This week, 1st – 7th June is Volunteer Week!


We are taking the time express our gratitude to the people who have volunteered for POhWER over the years. There has been such a wide range of people with unique skills, knowledge and expertise. All of our volunteers have bought compassion, empathy and are eager to improve the lives of our clients.


“One of the best things about volunteering at POhWER is the opportunity to gain first-hand experience in the variety of Advocacy Services available to adult clients. What makes volunteering for POhWER so unique is the opportunity to attend training for various services. Being well trained and experienced, I then applied to join the RPPR Team. I can’t over emphasise the quality and the benefit of the training I received Volunteering with POhWER.  Since joining the team, I have gained even further useful skills, especially working in partnership with outside multi-disciplinary teams, and I continue to enjoy my role at POhWER, empowering vulnerable people to have a voice, access services & facilities that meet their diverse needs.”


POhWER has many different departments and roles, so volunteers are able to demonstrate their skills in IT, Fundraising, Advocacy etc. Volunteers can be students wishing to gain experience for their careers, raising awareness by setting up a stall in public and those who simply want to help people get their voices heard.


“I started with POhWER as a volunteer advocate in March 2018 where I shadowed advocates in various roles. I have a BA in English Literature with Creative Writing from Lancaster so began collating news, case studies, interviews and events from advocates and putting together an e-newsletter to be distributed to staff, commissioners and stakeholders. While doing so I continued to develop my skills and knowledge of advocacy by shadowing advocates and attending training events, and was eventually offered a paid role with POhWER as a Relevant Person's Paid Representative”


If you are interested in volunteering for POhWER, you can visit We have listed the roles that are open for volunteers, but we understand that you are offering us your time and will work with you to find the perfect role.


We will listen, guide and work beside you. We can help develop your skills and allow you to get what you want out of the experience.


“I have never felt under pressure to provide support to clients over and above my capabilities and I have always felt that support is available when I need it. This volunteering role requires commitment and professionalism as clients are relying on us to help them navigate their way through often difficult times. POhWER has ensured that appropriate support is in place and is flexible when volunteering times need to change due to holidays or other commitments, providing sufficient notice is given.”


Thank you to our amazing volunteers!