POHWER Hertfordshire took part in Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, as part of their Be Bold, Go Gold Campaign.

The cause was close to home for some of the staff at Hertlands House, as a friend’s Daughter had been diagnosed with Leukaemia in August.

In order to raise money for the Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia Group (CCLG) the team had a week long ‘Goodies Bonanza’, where donations of cakes (many of them!) and savoury goods were devoured by all in the office. There was also a sweepstake, whereby a staff chose a number, and the lucky winner won half of the total earnings, and the other half being donated to the chosen charity.

In total, the Hertfordshire hub of POhWER raised a total of £148 for CCLG. A huge thanks to everyone who participated. Please find Flo’s story below:

‘Flo’s story

We took Flo to the GP as she hadn't been herself for a few weeks, much of which we put down to the heat (loss of appetite, lethargic, not wanting to walk anywhere), plus she'd developed quite a few bruises on her upper body which we couldn't account for. Thankfully (!), she developed a rash whilst we were at the GP's which led him to send us straight to A&E. Lister ran some blood tests and after some hours waiting they told us the devastating news that Flo has Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL).

We were quickly transferred to Addenbrookes hospital in Cambridge (more about this wonderful place another day) where Flo and I stayed for 8 nights. Since being home, we return 2/3 times a week for treatment, this is in addition to the oral medication she takes at home.

Flo has a long rough road ahead of her (around 2 and a half years of treatment if all goes our way), but I know that her stubbornness, strong-will and determination that has driven me crazy for the last four years, along with her amazing medical and support team, and the love, support and prayers from family and friends, will get her through this.