Mental Health Awareness Week is 18th to the 24th May 2020.

Here are some client stories which demonstrate how POhWER supports people with their mental health needs.

Rebecca’s story

Rebecca was having strong thoughts of suicide and felt that she needed to be ‘out of the way’ to give her son a better life. She felt unable to ask for help from health care professionals, as she has severe anxiety so would often freeze and be unable to think clearly. This meant that her thoughts of suicide were going unrecognised.

Our Independent Mental Health Advocate sat with Rebecca during her meetings with healthcare professionals, to ensure that she felt able to communicate her needs. When Rebecca felt overwhelmed our advocate calmly reassured her which gave her the confidence to voice concerns about her wellbeing. It was agreed that Rebecca would benefit from receiving treatment outside of the treatment centre. She felt anxious at the thought of being discharged, but POhWER offered support each step of the way while she made the transition back into the community.

June's Story

June called POhWER’s Help Hub in a distressed state. She explained that she has recently been discharged from the community mental health team without explanation. She felt vulnerable and socially isolated as she has lost contact with her family and friends.

Our advisor listened and talked through the issues with June. She made a referral to our community mental advocacy service and also put June in touch with Silver Line, a befriending service for older people.

The following day June’s allocated advocate called her to discuss her issues. She supported June to contact the community mental health team and was able to help her to get her support reinstated.