Linda Baxter, member of the Secure & Complex Services Team is running the London Marathon in 2018 to raise money for POhWER.

POhWER has been selected from the 2018 Virgin Money Marathon Charity Ballot for one guaranteed place in the 2018 event. Linda has taken on this place and is trying to raise a minimum of three hundred and fifty pounds for POhWER.

Linda has been running for three and a half years. She started at the end of January 2014 with Parkrun.

“I used to get muddy and cold and wonder why on earth I was doing it - being a bit competitive and not wanting to throw the in the towel, I continued. I then encouraged myself to run my first 10k, when I was running it, I thought I would never get round but I did and afterwards I started to do a few more. This led to my first half marathon, not wanting to shame myself, I went to America to run it with my sister. After four half marathons, I’m getting brave and had the crazy idea to run for POhWER in the London marathon. I’m going to need all the support and encouragement I can get. I will need special support and motivation to keep me going so please keep an eye out for my training updates.”

We will be following Linda’s progress and giving regular updates regarding her training. We hope that you people will support Linda and POhWER by donating to us through our Virgin Money Giving page.

Click here for Linda's Virgin Money giving page and to donate

POhWER’s marathon runner Linda Baxter is keeping up the hard work with  her consistent training, here is an insight into how she is doing.

On Sunday 5th November Linda ran 10k in the Bonfire Burn competition in Cambridge. Linda says ‘It was a lovely dry morning and the sun was shining, however it was very cold to start. Setting off with a running friend we decided we would take this run easy. The night before was quite a late night due to going to a Halloween party so it made perfect sense not to push too hard. Bonfire Burn is a flat course and most runners would say an easy course to run. I set off at a rather relaxed pace along the Guided Busway in Cambridge, then through the Cambridge Science Park.’

Half way round Linda got a quick drink and, looking at the time, started to think that with a bit more effort she might be able to beat her Personal Best (PB) of 51 minutes and 31 seconds. She picked up speed; passing the 7k, 8k and 9k markers. Linda says ‘This was when I thought I could be close to a PB and with all my effort started to speed up. Seeing the finish line in sight I sprinted to the end crossing the finish line in 51 minutes and 51 seconds. Unfortunately not quite a PB.’

Linda’s plan is to continue to do about 20k a week up until Christmas and then in the New Year she will look at her training programme to increase her mileage each week.

update 18/12/2017

So since I started running in 25/01/2014 coming up to my 4th anniversary I have completed 179 park runs which totals to an 895k or 537 miles.

As I have chipped away at my times I have managed to get 22 Personal Bests (PB’s)

1st female over the line once. (Note to self must try harder)

Volunteered/marshalled 21 times and ran at 19 different park runs up and down the country. Lyme Park to date has been the most difficult course I have ran.(Starts off going uphill and just continues). Rutland waters the easiest. (Lovely and flat)

My PB is 24.54 which gave me an age grading of 68.14%

My slowest time is back when I first started running 35.02 with an age grading of 46.72%

I will be running on Christmas day and doing a double on New year’s day. How exciting…….

Here is a pic from last year Brandon Country Park run

London Marathon training will start 2 days after Xmas.

Linda Baxter has kick started her 2018 training regime for the London Marathon in April

Linda has given herself a tough training regime to ensure that she is ready to complete her marathon challenge, over the weekend she ran 15k on Saturday and 10k on Sunday and with a 3k park run that she completed that is a total of 28k last week.

I think that we can all agree Linda’s training and dedication is amazing - so far Linda has raised a massive £575.


click here to see Linda's training timetable.

Linda Baxter updates her Marathon training log

"This was an interesting run, here is a picture of me doing a run I did on Sunday. Not sure I will ever agree to run this course again. I am number 375 in black and white.

It was The Hadleigh 2012 Legacy 10k 2018, running on the Olympic mountain bike circuit."

The organisers stated: This popular event offers an exclusive opportunity to test your stamina and endurance at one of the iconic venues from London 2012 - the Mountain Bike Circuit used in both the men's and women's MTB Olympic races. The race offers the unique chance to run this challenging course, but expect hills, more hills, mud and more mud.

"Hills and mud was an understatement I was the 37th female over the finish line, 3rd in my age cat. 188 females ran with a total of 430 finishers."