Learning Disability Week 2019 is the 17th to 23rd of June. POhWER will share one client story each day to show how we support people with learning disabilities.

Today's story is:

Carla’s Story

Carla is 51 years old, has a learning disability and has lived in a residential care setting for a number of years. Due to Carla’s learning disability she has difficulty in communicating as it affects her speech, this can make it difficult for others to understand what she is saying. Carla uses facial expressions and some Makaton signs to help with communication. She is able to say yes or no clearly. Carla sees herself as a very able person and likes to walk around and engage with others.


For over a year Carla has asked to go to The Hubb which is a local day centre but nothing had been arranged for her. Carla wants to meet new friends and also get out of the house to do different things. When Laura, a POhWER Advocate, met with Carla she asked Laura if she could act on her behalf and ask what was happening and why the delay in the decision.


Laura spoke to the Manager of the care home where Carla lives. The manager promised to look into the issue for Carla and update her. The following week, when the advocate visited, Laura was told that the funding had been agreed a while ago and that Carla could begin a trial period of visiting the day centre.


Laura went to see Carla after she’d had a chance to visit the day centre. Carla told Laura that she loved going to the day centre and was looking forward to attending next week. Carla thanked Laura for her help and then sat with a big smile on her face and clapped her hands with excitement. Carla now attends the day centre two afternoons a week.