Islington POhWER advocate Lewis Ireland is completing a charity cycle.

Lewis Ireland, from our Islington team will be completing a charity cycle on behalf of POhWER in the Spring.

He will be cycling for ten days solo and on average he will be covering 100 miles per day - he will be sleeping in a tent. He will start at land’s end and finish at John O'Groats.

Here is how his training has gone so far:

“ I have started to build the training up slowly so last week was 100 miles, this week should be around 150 and that will gradually build up to about 300-400 in the weeks preceding. There’s lots of high intensity as well so I won’t always need to cover such long miles, just do them much quicker.

I think I will start the charity cycle around the end of march/early April.

I’ll be camping on the go most nights to keep costs down; I may be a little smelly when I get back!".

I am sure you will all join POhWER in wishing him luck, please feel free to share the page to help him reach his target, so far he has raised £265.

Please find below Lewis's training up dates:

'I cycled to Leicester a few weeks ago which was a 100 miles, a couple of 50 miles down to Richmond park, cycle to Cambridge a month or so ago which was 70 miles and then just running in between.

I’ll be cycling back to Derby for Christmas to spend time with my family which will be 120 miles and then I aim to 'get 500k cycled in the Christmas break.'