The 20th of May is Global Accessibility Awareness Day. We are proud to support this annual occasion by joining together with Recite Me to get everyone talking, thinking, and learning about digital access and inclusion.

To support you and others on our website we provide accessibility and language support options which include text to speech functionality, fully customisable styling features, reading aids, and a translation tool with over 100 languages, including 35 text to speech voices and many other features.

You can try out our inclusive toolbar on our website by clicking on the Accessibility button on the top right hand side.

Improving digital access and inclusion is an important theme which is just one small part of our larger goals for the next 5 years. POhWER's strategic themes which we are aiming to realise over the next 5 years include:

  • A level playing field - true equity and empowerment
  • Advocacy Accessible to everyone who needs it

Find out how POhWER are actively working to increase the accessibility and usability of our website by reading our Accessibility Statement.

Join us across social media to raise awareness of the need to make a positive difference and an equal world for people with disabilities.