POhWER’s CE Mark Lister is planning to run a half marathon in London on Sunday the 4th of March to raise money for POhWER.

People living with a disability, dementia or mental health issues are all too often ignored, discriminated against or do not get the care and support they need. POhWER helps them to have a voice so their rights are upheld and they get the services they need to live life. People like Sarah* who was held in care accommodation by the authorities even though she didn't need to be there because they had failed to read her health record properly! Sarah had not committed a crime, she just had mental health issues, but she felt like she was locked up for months and utterly powerless until POhWER's advocate helped her voice her right to leave the care accommodation. Please help support POhWER charity so more people like Sarah have their voice heard. *name changed to protect her anonymity

Mark will be getting going with his POhWER training, and so that we can follow him on his training journey he will be sending out updates and photos.

If you would like to support Mark and donate to POhWER click the link below. MARK WILL DOUBLE YOUR DONATION BY MATCHING IT WITH HIS OWN DONATION (up to £500)