September is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month and each week POhWER will be sharing a client story to show how we support people with Alzheimer’s to have their voices heard and their needs met.

Irshad’s story

Irshad is an elderly gentleman with Alzheimer’s who had been living in a rented flat. He was temporarily placed in emergency accommodation with a Shared Lives carer when his flat flooded.

Irshad had made it clear that he wished to return to his flat, or failing that to his local area. However, it was not possible for Irshad to return to his flat as he was accused of causing the flood. The Shared Lives carer had supported Irshad to apply for a council tenancy and he had moved into a new flat. However, he had since been objecting to the tenancy, stating that he did not wish to live there.

Irshad’s Advocate, Tina, met with Irshad and his social worker on several occasions. She became concerned that Irshad lacked the ability to retain information for more than a few minutes. She requested that the social worker conduct an assessment in relation to the issue of capacity to sign a tenancy agreement and that she check this with the Council’s legal team. She also requested a review of Irshad’s care and support plan to confirm his current needs so that a best interest decision could be made regarding his accommodation. Tina raised the possibility of this matter being taken to the Court of Protection should Irshad’s objections to his accommodation continue.

While reviewing Irshad’s care plan, Tina found that his carers were writing cheques for Irshad to sign. This situation put both the carers and Irshad in a vulnerable position so Tina requested that the Social Worker raise the issue of Irshad’s finances with the safeguarding team. As a result additional safeguards are now in place including a shopping card and the Local Authority are taking over his bills so that cheques are no longer needed.

The Social Worker completed the capacity assessment and Irshad has been deemed to lack capacity regarding tenancy. This has now been referred to the Court of Protection.

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