Neville resides on a Low Secure Female Unit. Neville referred himself to advocacy when POhWER Advocate, Vicky, was conducting a ward drop in at the unit.

Neville had previously spoken with an Advocate but not recently, so Vicky explained the role and remit of an advocate to Neville before they began.

Neville told Vicky that he is transgender. He told her that he has felt this way since he was 14 years old but did not publically come out until two years ago.

Vicky asked Neville if he had ever discussed this in detail with staff. He said that he had and that he was very grateful that they had changed his pronouns from she to he and now call him Neville.

He told Vicky that he would like to be able to wear a binder and to be placed on the testosterone waiting list. A binder is a compression undergarment worn to flatten the chest. Vicky asked if Neville had been able to speak with a gender dysphoria specialist and he said that he has not but this is something he has wanted to do for a while. Neville asked if these issues could be raised with staff so that they can be discussed in his next Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) meeting as he felt that he needed the support. Vicky agreed to send an email to Neville’s MDT prior to the meeting so that they were aware. Vicky thoroughly went through the points Neville wished to raise to ensure that she could accurately raise his points in the email.

Vicky emailed the appropriate staff with the points Neville raised. Vicky asked if Neville would like her to attend the meeting with him but he declined. He said he felt confident to raise this issue with his MDT knowing that it had been raised beforehand. Vicky and Neville prepared a sheet that Neville could use as a prompt in the meeting to ensure that he raised everything he wanted to.

Vicky and Neville met after his MDT meeting. He told her that he was very excited as his MDT had allowed him to wear a binder because he had researched which would have the least risk. The MDT had also made a referral for Neville to see a gender dysphoria specialist. Neville thanked Vicky and told her that with her support he had felt listened to and less alone. He said, "I do really appreciate the support you have given. Thank you so much for talking with me."