1st to the 7th June is Volunteers Week. Read the story of Jordan and how she became a volunteer for POhWER.

My name is Jordan and I am a single mother of 5 amazing children. I am a survivor of domestic violence and sexual abuse, both of these, as you can imagine, made my mental health deteriorate.

I came across POhWER advocacy in 2017 when I was a student at the Nottingham Recovery College, learning about my own mental health as well as the start of my training in peer support.

After graduating from the Recovery College and Peer Support training, I began to volunteer with POhWER. I successfully secured a venue in the Mansfield area where I ran a support group once a month prior to the pandemic. The plan is for these groups to resume as soon as possible.

I have been able to help and advocate for lots of people who have come to the group, I am their voice and I will support and help the best way I can as I know only too well how it feels when you are not feeling well.

I now work in domestic violence and mental health, this is something I also bring into POhWER with my professional and personal knowledge. I am an expert in lived experience, and I hope I have impacted the lives of others in the most positive way.