My Dignity, My Rights campaign collage

The proposed plans by the government announced this year to overhaul the Human Rights Act threatens every single one of us. The potential loss of our Human Rights might go unnoticed by many who may not need to access rights written into domestic law and committed into by Britain through the European Convention of Human Rights. Millions of people are supported and benefit from Human Rights laws and protections, which hold public authorities accountable and enable us to seek social justice. Without the rights-respecting protections that the Human Rights Act offers, public authorities could potentially opt-out of respecting your rights in the future, and cherry-pick whose rights they supported, and whose they did not.

This month POhWER launches it’s “My Dignity, My Rights” campaign to celebrate the rights and protections the Human Rights Act offers us in everyday life. We hope to myth bust and decipher what rights we all currently have through the Human Rights Act, and what we might lose if replaced.

We encourage the participation in this campaign by fellow third sector organisations and individuals who share our concerns.

Ways you can get involved